1. W Blade Cool Yarn Technology

    21st Century Grass is a big believer in the W blade. What the W Blade means, is that the grass fibers when being manufactured, are structured in a W. We like the W Blade most because of the benefits gained.. Durability: The W Blade artificial grasses have high durability because if the condensing of…Read More

  2. Creative Designs

    At 21st Century Grass, we take advantage of the creativity gained when designing with artificial grass instead of regular grass. The reason we have more creativity is mainly because of sprinkler coverage. To water your lawn, to have it looking the best it can, you need big open areas that are easy f…Read More

  3. Top Reasons for Artificial Grass

    Why artificial grass 7 Top Reasons You Need To Switch To Artificial Grass.. Little to No Maintenance: Artificial grass installed requires close to Zero Maintenance! It doesn’t need to be mowed, fertilized, or reseeded. Besides a quick hosing down every month or so, your artificial grass lawn will …Read More

  4. Evolution of Artificial Grass

    Artificial Grass products really emerged onto the market 10-15 years ago. At this point the use of artificial grass material was being explored in a number of different applications such as landscaping turf, sports turf, and putting greens. Artificial grass, being a new material to the construction …Read More

  5. Cool Yarn Products Vs 21st Century Grass Products

    We have found that when we place our products utilizing our “W” blade next to cool yard products in the direct elements of Phoenix arizona that the value of the “W” blade stays just as cool if not cooler than cool yarn technology. If keeping your artificial grass as cool as possible is a con…Read More

  6. Advantages to a Backyard Putting Green

    Golf is a great sport. You’re outdoors. You’re getting quality exercise. The game itself is challenging. You’re playing with friends and family and having a great time together. And you want to improve your game, get better, and beat your family and friends. We all know in order to improve at …Read More