Golf is a great sport. You’re outdoors. You’re getting quality exercise. The game itself is challenging. You’re playing with friends and family and having a great time together. And you want to improve your game, get better, and beat your family and friends. We all know in order to improve at anything, you have to practice. When you have a backyard putting green, practice is easy. You can come home after work, eat dinner, and then walk to your backyard and practice for 15 to 20 minutes every day. With regular practice, your game will improve tremendously. 21st Century Grass specializes in artificial putting green installations. We design a custom backyard putting green that will have you shaving strokes off your golf game in no time. Contact us today for a free quote, and read below for quick tips on the advantages to having a backyard putting green.


  • Save money. You’ll save money two-fold. You won’t have to water your artificial grass or perform any of the other maintenance requirements that go along with real grass, such as mowing the lawn, aerating it, and applying lawn fertilizer or pesticides to kill weeds or bugs. You’ll also save money in putting green costs at your local putting green and golf course.
  • Enhance the value of your home. A backyard putting green increases the property value of your home, not to mention it’s a great selling point to potential buyers if you do decide to sell your home.
  • Convenience. When you have a backyard putting green, you’ll practice more. You can squeeze in 10 minutes here and there instead of spending that time driving to the putting range, and you can do this first thing in the morning and last thing at night.
  • Improve your game. It doesn’t take much to improve your golf game. Small chunks of practice time done more days improves your game quicker than one huge chunk of time only done occasionally.

21st Century Grass in Phoenix offers the best backyard putting greens for your home or commercial business use. We offer different types of tournament greens to fit your use and style, from those backyard putting greens that focus on speed to those that focus on receiving chip shots. We custom design our backyard putting greens to fit with your current landscaping so your backyard will flow seamlessly. Safe for kids and dogs, 21st Century Grass serves all of Arizona with top-rate residential artificial lawns, artificial putting greens, and commercial artificial grass. Contact us today for your artificial turf installation estimate!