Do you like your grass to be green all year long? Are you tired of mowing your lawn and maintaining it? 21st Century Grass in Phoenix is a specialist in residential artificial lawns, artificial putting greens, and commercial artificial grass. Our mission is to conserve water by replacing traditional lawns with artificial lawns. From golf courses to commercial use and backyard putting greens, we’re the experts in artificial grass installation. Below, we’ll go over some of the many benefits to installing artificial grass in place of your regular grass. Contact 21st Century Grass for a free quote today!


  • Conserve water. This is the biggest advantage to installing artificial turf. With regular grass, you often have to water twice a day for three to four days a week to maintain its health. With artificial grass, you’ll never need to water it, except to rinse it off and clean it, which is only once every few months, depending on use. Living in a desert environment like Phoenix, this is huge for our future.
  • Saves money. Without having to pay for water for the grass, gas for your lawnmower, the local neighbor boy or girl to mow your lawn, fertilizer, weed cutter, and aeration, you’ll save a lot of money on the daily upkeep and maintenance of your artificial grass installation.
  • Safe for kids. Since you won’t be dousing your grass with fertilizer, weed killer, or pesticides, you’re artificial turf is 100 percent safe for kids. Commercial artificial grass is great for playgrounds and other areas kids congregate. It also holds up better under constant use, without having to deal with bald spots, like around the pitcher’s mound for example.
  • Safe for pets. Dogs love artificial grass as much as they do regular grass. It’s easy to clean up after pets. It’s safe without the use of pesticides and other chemicals. Dogs won’t eat artificial grass like they do regular grass. And you can say good-bye to unsightly holes in the backyard from digging as well as mud tracked into your home when it rains.
  • Durability. Artificial grass lasts a long time, roughly between 15-25 years. Wear and tear won’t show and the artificial materials this artificial turf is made from will withstand foot traffic, any changes in climate, all types of weather such as hail, and won’t fade under the powerful Arizona UV rays.
  • Say goodbye to weeds. Weeds is one of the biggest problems and most time-consuming of fights with regular grass. There are so many different types of weeds that it can be hard to fight them all. Some weed killers work, and some don’t. With artificial grass, you won’t have to spend time or money to fight weeds. With a professional artificial grass installation service, most weeds will be eliminated. You may see an occasional one crop up here and there, but with a simple tug, removing the roots, your weed problem will be solved in three seconds.
  • Have the best looking yard in your residential neighborhood. Let’s face it, we all like nice-looking yards. It adds value to your home and makes the neighborhood nice. 21st Century Grass’s artificial turf is realistic-looking and will look great all-year round. If there’s a drought or the hot Phoenix days become hotter than usual, no problem! You’re artificial grass won’t shrivel or crumple. And when your neighbors ask about your lawn, you can tell them it’s an artificial yard by 21st Century Grass!

21st Century Grass serves Phoenix and all of Arizona with the best residential artificial lawns, artificial putting greens, and commercial artificial grass. When you invest in artificial turf, your investing in the health of the environment, the health of your family, and an aesthetically-pleasing synthetic grass. As Arizona’s Top Rated Local® artificial grass contractor, you can rest assured you’re getting a top-notch artificial grass for the best overall value. Contact us today!