We have found that when we place our products utilizing our “W” blade next to cool yard products in the direct elements of Phoenix arizona that the value of the “W” blade stays just as cool if not cooler than cool yarn technology. If keeping your artificial grass as cool as possible is a concern in a desert climate, consult with 21st Century Grass for free today!

One of the main concerns of clients of ours living in Phoenix, Arizona with artificial grass is how hot the materials get. When the thermometer goes up so does the temperature on outside surfaces facing the direct elements, such as concrete pavement, rocks and artificial grass. This being fact, it is inevitable for materials like these to heat up with the seasons. The good news is measures have been taken by industry leaders that take notice of this growing problem as the demand for artificial grass continues to grow in dry desert climates. These environments naturally reaching abnormally high temperatures also makes traditional grass harder to grow, furthering the demand of artificial grass. Seeing the demand rise in these environments brings forth the attention to detail within the materials used to make artificial grass products cooler when facing direct elements from the harsh sun.


Cool Yarn products are a new element and fad sweeping the artificial grass community. Cool Yarn products basically consist of using more heat resistant materials within the artificial grass products. It is believed that the materials that are specially used absorb less UV rays from the sun and therefore create a cooler product.

At 21st Century Grass we do not carry cool yarn products and yet we do take massive attention to detail with the concern of hot artificial grass in the summer. We go out of our way to find the most realistic looking artificial grass utilizing our “W” blade. Why the “W” blade you might wonder? The “W” blade is actually shaped like a w keeping less surface area open to face direct sunlight. The thin “W” blade also helps grass look as realistic as possible and also handles traffic the best with the strength of the blade structure.