Artificial Grass products really emerged onto the market 10-15 years ago. At this point the use of artificial grass material was being explored in a number of different applications such as landscaping turf, sports turf, and putting greens. Artificial grass, being a new material to the construction industry had not yet undergone the quality and durability testing that is implemented on our products today. We have seen products installed in this time frame for landscaping turf wear down below the thatching materials. This is an example of the quality of materials used at this time period to manufacture turf products. They would deteriorate seemingly because of the direct sun raise over time at a dramatic rate. Also, we see how noticeably unrealistic older artificial grass products used to look. It would be very noticeable on television when you could see the new shiny artificial grass field in use a new sports stadium. Furthermore on artificial putting greens deterioration was a big problem as golf balls are unable to roll consistently with dramatic and uneven deterioration.


Artificial grass standards have gone up industry wide now that manufacturers are focusing on producing the highest of quality of products and putting these materials to the test using very high level testing to the artificial grass. These tests include UV penetration, wear due to traffic, ect. As a result to the industry as a whole taking action and making artificial grass better, we all get to benefit from how beautiful it makes our landscapes. Now Artificial Grass products are lasting in the harshest of environment for 15-25 years depending on overall traffic on the materials without deteriorating. All while looking great and saving you money. Shine is almost non existent as we search for the best and most realistic looking grass products that have a matted finish keeping the plastic shine off of our grass. These days you can install an artificial grass putting green and expect it to perform as the day it was installed 15 years later.

At 21st Century Grass, we go out of our way to pick only the best of the best products that are available on the market. Our attention to detail is what separates us and leaves your landscapes looking amazing for years with no maintenance!