Why artificial grass

7 Top Reasons You Need To Switch To Artificial Grass..

  1. Little to No Maintenance: Artificial grass installed requires close to Zero Maintenance! It doesn’t need to be mowed, fertilized, or reseeded. Besides a quick hosing down every month or so, your artificial grass lawn will always be ready for you!
  2. Save Money: Your artificial lawn will save you money! Our customers report to us that they break even with their lawns between year 2-3 after installation. The irrigation, fertilizers, seeding, equipment such as lawnmowers and edger’s, and for some landscapers doing maintenance, real grass adds up quick!
  3. Beautiful Yard: The thing we here most after a customer has their synthetic grass installed, is that it looks amazing. We have gone out of our way to pick the most realistic, artificial grasses on the market, that don’t have any shine, and the results are consistently fantastic. Please reference our pictures for proof.
  4. Eco-Friendly: 21st Century Grass has learned from local water conservation groups how much water is wasted on irrigating lawns. The numbers are astounding, and show a precious resource being wasted… in abundance.. in a desert! It makes zero sense. When your lawn is using 200X more water than what you drink daily, there is a problem.
  5. Pet-Friendly: Are your pets digging holes in the backyard? Bringing dirt or mud inside the house? Or simply just need a place to release their energy? If so, artificial grass is the answer you need! We have products and solutions to fit every pet-owner’s situation!
  6. Long Lasting: Your artificial grass will last from 10-15 years and is backed with a warranty as well! Synthetic grass has its blades tufted into the polyurethane backing and each individual blade is designed to handle large amounts of foot traffic. Always feel free to have all kinds of traffic and activities on your artificial grass.
  7. Save Time: You spend time manicuring your lawn because you want it to look nice, but now with your artificial grass lawn, you can have it look nice and not have to spend the time! Get back your weekends and spend the time enjoying your backyard instead of working on your grass.