21st Century Grass is a big believer in the W blade. What the W Blade means, is that the grass fibers when being manufactured, are structured in a W. We like the W Blade most because of the benefits gained..

  1. Durability: The W Blade artificial grasses have high durability because if the condensing of the yarn. The extra durability will help your synthetic grass lasts over 15 years!
  2. Looks Most Realistic: The W Blade have none to very little shine in the products. Other artificial grasses can look shiny. We know our customers want the most realistic looking grass, so that’s why we recommend the W Blade!
  3. CoolYarn: W Blade Artificial grasses retain less sunlight. Because of the condensing of yard, less of the UV-rays are absorbed, keeping your W Blade artificial grass cooler than others.
  4. Stands Up: The toughness of the W Blade keeps the grass from getting matted down over time. With cheaper artificial turfs, the grass fibers look worn out and matted down. Your W Blade synthetic grass will be durable and tough artificial grass, and will stay strong against the traffic!